On the set of Shangri-La Suite, Eddie O’Keefe took a new photoshoot of Emily and posted it to his blog. I’ve uploaded high quality versions of the shoot to our gallery.

Emily has now made her instagram public so I’ve uploaded all of the images there.

As well as a new set of photos released from another Sundance portrait for LA Times. These photos are tagged lightly. Although I know it’s slightly annoying, I’ve noticed that some fans have been reposting our images without proper credit (This isn’t an issue as far as Tumblr goes, but only other fansites)

I’ve added 24 high quality additions to Emily on set of The Shangri-La Suite with Ashley Greene.

I’ve added an additional large quality photo to the photoshoot that Emily done with photographer Derek Kettela for In Style Magazine to our photo gallery.

I’ve added a medium quality photoshoot outtake of Emily in InStyle Magazine. Credit is thanks to emilybrowningfans on Tumblr.

I’ve added 15 high quality images of Emily on set of The Shangri-La Suite with Ashley Greene thanks to my friend, Paige. Enjoy!

I’ve added high quality stills to Emily’s 2014 film, “Pompeii” starring alongside Kit Harrington. Also, I’ve added new themes to the main site and also the gallery thanks to my sister, Kaci.