Emily Browning, Cam Gigandet and Xavier Samuel star in the titilating new thriller, Plush, and ETonline scored an exclusive clip from the film!

In Plush, a young singer/songwriter (Browning) becomes involved with her new guitarist despite being married. But she soon discovers her new lover has a dark past and may be a danger to her and those close to her.

Watch ETonline’s exclusive clip from Plush, which is now playing in theaters.

During the filming of Plush, Emily and Thomas Dekker (who plays her brother, Jack) were photographed by Tyler Shields. Here’s a couple of the photos, thanks to the official Plush website.

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We’re sure Catherine Hardwicke and Evan Rachel Wood are still pals, but sometimes scheduling or a variety of other reasons keep two people from working together. Earlier this year it looked like the “Thirteen” star and director were going to reunite on “Plush,” but alas, things don’t seem to have worked out. But another capable star is looking to come off the bench and sub in.

Emily Browning is now looking to star in “Plush,” a thriller set in Los Angeles. Co-written with Artie Nelson, the story will follow a psychic psychologist who sees the memories of his patients to help expel their past demons. But he meets his match when he crosses paths with Browning, who has the same power. O……kay. This was previously said to be an “erotic thriller” set in the music industry but unless the characters’ psychic skills require everyone to be naked and singing, it seems that previous intel was erroneous. That, or those memories embedded in the brain are totally hawt.

The rights are up for grabs at Cannes, and we presume financing will need to come in before this rolls. But Hardwicke and Browning? Yeah, that pairing sounds solid to us, so let’s see if this rolls. It’s just one of a handful of projects Hardwicke has been attached to in the recent past, including: franchise-spawningThe Maze Runner“; the troubled-teen taleThe Bitch Posse,” and “Knockout,” a biopic of Swedish boxer Bo “Bosse” Högberg starring former partners Noomi & Bo Rapace. No word on the status of those pics, but we guess they’re still brewing.


Thanks to Larry Fong Via EmilyBrowningFans, i’ve added a new behind the scenes photo from Sucker Punch to the gallery.

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Downton Abbey stars Dan Stevens and Dominic Cooper are going head to head as love rivals in the true story of painter A J — later Sir Alfred — Munnings

The £5 million film, Summer in February, has just finished shooting, with a final scene at the Royal Academy in Piccadilly. It comes seven years after Stevens, 29, first promised to make the movie — long before he found TV fame as Downton’s Matthew Crawley.

Summer In February tells the story of Gilbert Evans, a sensitive, gentlemanly land agent in Lamorna, Cornwall, and Munnings, a charismatic hellraiser. Both fall for upper-class

artist Florence Carter-Wood in the years before the First World War.

Stevens, who admits to being in “a bit of a groove of playing rather soulful characters”, is Evans. Cooper, 33, who was Sky in Mamma Mia!, is Munnings. Emily Browning, 23, who starred in big-screen thriller Sucker Punch, plays Florence. She said her character was driven by wanting to escape her upper-class background: “She is genuinely in love with Gilbert but he represents what she is running from. Alfred appears to be everything she thinks she wants. He is free and a little crazy.”

During filming her co-stars became “like brothers”, she added: “Hanging out in Cornwall, we became like a family. But then you have to try to push that to one side and be nice and romantic and feel a chemistry on set.”

Stevens and Cooper proved bashful at the notion they might be heart-throbs and said they hoped the beautifully shot story would be the attraction.

The film is based on a book by English teacher Jonathan Smith, 70, who directed Stevens in Macbeth when the actor was 14 and at Tonbridge School in Kent. “He is a dear old mentor and friend who directed me in all my school plays,” said Stevens. “He had a great influence.”

A release date for the movie, directed by Christopher Menaul, is yet to be confirmed.